If you heading out of town for the holidays, please find 8 tips to keep your home safe in your absence.

  1. Social Media - Be careful with status updates on Twitter, Facebook etc. Don’t be too specific.  This can just tell the would be thief that you are out of town for the holidays.
  2. This is one time it is good to take advantage of “nosy neighbors” that you trust. Ask them to keep an eye on your house and make sure they have your contact information.
  3. Make sure and suspend all newspaper deliveries.  For those free delivered papers or anything put on the door make sure that a neighbor is picking them up for you.
  4. Don’t set an auto responder on your phone saying you are out of town, especially if you work from a home office.  You might say something about not checking messages until a certain date as you are taking a “Stay-Cation.”
  5. Set up timers on some lights in your house. You might consider staggering the timing of the lights.  If you have a two story you might  have the downstairs lights go on during the day and the upstairs lights go on like you are going to bed.  With a one story you could just stagger the lights at different times through the house.
  6. Lock the interior garage door as the exterior garage door can be relatively easy to compromise.  Be sure that ALL windows are locked.
  7. Be sure and have someone picking up your mail.
  8. Don’t publish your physical address or any personal information on Social media even if you are only allowing friends to see it.

I hope these tips help you. To give you a little safety humor please enjoy this clip from Home Alone. If all else fails you can use that tactics of Kevin McAllister in "Home Alone".