De-cluttering your home is the first step in selling your home.When you are putting your house up for sale there are certain things you can’t change.  You are going to have to live with your location, the size of  your yard, your floor plan, what other homes in your neighborhood are selling for.  There are however certain things that you can do to stage your home to get top dollar.

Several years ago I had an incident that really made me aware of how much difference clutter and odors can make in the sale of a home.   I had two homes with the same floor plan on the market at the same time.  The homes were not in the same neighborhood but were both built by the same builder and were identical floor plans.  One of the homes was in an neighborhood with a mixture of old and new homes; parts of the neighborhood being a little more run down..  The second home was in a newer neighborhood.  When I ran comparatives I found that this floor plan typically sold for about $10,00 more in the newer neighborhood.

My client whose home was in the older neighborhood had taken immaculate care of their home.  The clutter was picked up and it was sparkling clean.  They did everything I told them to do to stage their home to show and sell.  She did this to my amazment with two smal children.  My client whose home was in the newer neighborhood was a single Dad and had his hands full so the house was not in very good shape.  It was not clean, had an odor and his teenage daughter was very messy.

I ended up getting offers on both homes about the same time.  My immaculate clean clients, in the older neighborhood, ended up getting top dollar for their house.  My client whose home was in the newer neighborhood but not in the best condition ended up way under what the market prices were.  In theory the home in the newer neighborhood should have sold for more than the home in the older neighborhood.  In this case what ended up happening was the home in the older neighborhood sold for more than the home in the newer neighborhood.

The moral of this story is declutter and take care of any offensive odors.  You are planning on moving anyway so go ahead and start packing.  Rent a storage unit and move part of the clutter out of your home.  Take care of any offensive odors, the biggest culprit of odors are usually your pets.  You would not believe the difference a coat of fresh paint will make.  If your carpet needs replaced then go ahead and replace it.  I personally think you get your moncy back; instead of offering a carpet allowance.

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