Pets no longer a detriment for real estate.We all love our pets and in the past it has been considered a detriment to have pets when putting your house on the market.  According to the National Association of REALTORS  that trend is changing. The reason of the shift has a lot to do with the numbers as pet power is rising. Current statistics show that 65 percent of homes own a pet this is up for 56 percent back in 1988.  Additionally 85 percent of homeowners consider their pet to be a member of the family according to a research report by Packaged Facts.

What this means to you as a home seller is that you no longer have to hide the toys, bowls, beds and even Fido and Fluffy themselves. Now I will tell you as a buyer's agent that it is a bit uncomfortable coming in to a house where Fido the dog is loose. I still recommend that you either crate Fido or have him in a room with a baby gate.  Now Fluffy the cat is not a problem unless he is an inside cat that wants to get outside. In that case you will want a big sign on the door requesting that the cat NOT be let outside.

According to the article that I read home builders are  joining the pet craze by touting pet-accommodating floor plans, such as those with pet nooks in mudrooms.  I don't live in a luxury condo area but some luxury condos are now offering rooftop pet parks and spas, dog bone shaped swimming pools and even pet fitness yoga classes.  (I have to admit that amazed me.)